Blogging? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Part 2

So… blogging. It is reaching the end of my final semester of freshman year and this is the last blog post I will ever be required to do as part of my writing class.

When I first learned that this blog stuff was a required part of the class, I was not exactly thrilled. Making a blog meant having people read it, which meant that they would be judging my every post. I did not think I was ready.

But, I buckled down and starting writing these blog posts. And I found I enjoyed it for the most part. I am the type of person that likes to do stuff of their own free will so being required to do this kind of brought the enjoyment level down a little bit but that’s just me being stubborn.

I do enjoy writing. I enjoy the process, I enjoy reading what I’ve written. I’m pretty proud of some of my blog posts. But the statistics this site provides for blogs almost did me in. I found myself obsessing about how many hits my site got, how many people read my work. It was unhealthy to the max. This blog allowed me to reflect on what kind of writer I was. I discovered that I find a lot of my confidence in writing through the validation of others. And I discovered that I want to be confident in my writing because I like it, not because someone else likes it. And I’m working towards that.

There is a strange sense of finality as I’m writing these words. I don’t know if I’ll keep blogging. This experience definitely opened up my eyes to this world and how beneficial it can be for me. I learned a lot, and I like to think that I’ve grown as a writer.

Who knows what the future holds.

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Blogging? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Part 2

  1. KELSEY! It’s been such a joy to awkwardly stalk your blog throughout this semester and watch you grow as a writer. I’m unsure about the whole blogging thing too, and I’m glad I’m not alone there too. It’s been a new experience for sure!


  2. I also can’t decide what I think about blogging- I’m glad I’m not alone in it! It’s been really fun getting to know you this semester! Keep writing, you’re really talented!


  3. The comments on your blog posts can be really motivating sometimes and totally get looking at the number of looks you get on a post, I do it too.

    By the way, your website pictures for your blog are the best by far. Sometimes I just go to your blog and stare at the pics….



  4. Kelsey, it’s been great to get to know you this semester. I really resonate with what you said about the desire for external validation vs self-worth. Know that you are a talented writer no matter what anyone else says! Have a great summer!


  5. Kelsey!! I love this, keep writing and writing what you feel and being confident in it, because you’re really good! I’ve loved having class with you and our 4 hour drives back to Sea-town! Have an amazing summer and see you next year!


  6. Oh, stats page, what depressingly insightful information you provide. Honestly, writing for your own sake, even if you are required to do it, is one of the best ways I’ve found to achieve that tricky self-approval. Generally, writing you feel good about will carry over more and more to your audience the further you hone those specific instincts. Hopefully this end of the year feedback gives you a boost to take your writing wherever you may be headed next.


  7. I’m glad that blogging brought you some joy and I hope that you figure out how to keep the joy while not obsessing about how people like it. From your post, I can understand why you aren’t planning to continue blogging right now. I hope though that you will be able to do so again.
    God Bless.


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