29 Things That I Will Always Love

  1. Horses. They’re just the best.
  2. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. A cinematic masterpiece. The soundtrack is magnificent.
  3. Lakes. By far, the most superior body of water.
  4. Empty notebooks. So pristine.
  5. Writing on the first page of an empty notebook. So satisfying.
  6. Being barefoot. We’ve already covered this here.
  7. The sound of typing on a keyboard.
  8. The number 7.
  9. The word “tempestuous”.
  10. Laughing.
  11. Making other people laugh.
  12. Hearing my parents play-fighting in the kitchen after dinner.
  13. Playing hide-and-seek. I am a great hider.
  14. Doggy-paddling. I think I’m probably the fastest doggy-paddler in the world, but no one has challenged me yet, so….
  15. Diving into water.
  16. When my sister and I are on the same team during a family game night. We are a team to be reckoned with.
  17. Winning. At anything. You might say I’m a wee bit competitive.
  18. Playing the card game SPOONS with my family. We don’t really pull punches.
  19. Playing Scrabble and watching my mom and brother fight over whether a word is a word or not.
  20. Turkey frank hot dogs. Way better than regular hot dogs.
  21. Making pillow forts with my siblings. I swear, my brother is like a blanket-architect or something.
  22. The smell of vanilla.
  23. Watching my dad treat our dog like a human child. Side note: he once stayed home from work because my dog was not feeling well.
  24. Climbing trees. It’s the best feeling.
  25. Floating face-down in water. It may look like I’ve drowned, but I’m just relaxing.
  26. Beyonce. My queen.
  27. The way my sister and I don’t really have to say coherent sentences and yet we still understand each other.
  28. The way my brother and I have the same sense of humor.
  29. The way my parents tell me that I’m their favorite child.

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