Footloose and Fancy Free

My entire life, I have stood firm in two beliefs surrounding my clothing. One, I will never wear a turtleneck (they make me feel like I am suffocating), and two, life is better lived barefoot. When I was younger, I was very specific about what I put on my feet. I wouldn’t wear certain socks because they were too scratchy on my skin, I refused to wear shoes that pinched or were too tight, I could NOT walk anywhere if sand from the beach was still in my shoes. I, to this day, won’t wear socks if I don’t have shoes on as well. Either I’m in shoes or I’m barefoot. I wear flip flops and sandals as long as I can, even into the winter, because they just feel better. It feels like I’m a little bit more free when my feet are as well.

When I was a kid, I never understood people who wore sneakers or boots in the summer. Everyday I would show up to swim practice in my green swimsuit, bag filled with caps and goggles and towels in tow, with a pair of shorts on and no shoes. My mom would drop me, my brother, and my sister in front of the pool and I’d walk in barefoot. To me, it was just practical. Why wear shoes if you’re just going to take them off to get in the water? It just wasn’t logical. And when you’re in the PlayPlace at McDonald’s, you physically can not climb back up the big yellow slide in socks. You can only do with bare feet (yes, I am now aware of how gross it is to be barefoot in a McDonald’s).

Can anything really top the feeling of taking off your shoes and socks after a hard day and just letting them breathe? I don’t think so. And there is nothing quite like the feeling of mud and grass and who knows what else underneath your feet. It is an indescribable joy that can only be matched by playing in said mud and grass. I feel most at peace when I am barefoot. I recommend you try going barefoot. It is a lot of fun.


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